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Happy holidays to everyone,

I haven’t written a blog post in quite some time.  Today I write because I’m heartbroken. As I write this, there is what’s left of a large pod of beautiful bottlenose dolphins trapped in the cove in Taiji - they’ve been netted in the cove for 5 days without food, frightened, waiting to either be violently plucked from their home and sold into a life of captivity or slaughtered.  5 days ago this pod was swimming freely, and now, 92 of them have been sold to dolphin trainers.  I’ve never heard of so many being sold from one pod, and I have no idea where they’re going, but my heart breaks for them knowing that no matter where they go, they’ll be forced to live a horrible existence in captivity.  While I was in Taiji, I was told that it is illegal for Sea World to purchase dolphins from the Taiji hunts and that they claim they buy their dolphins from China and Korea.  Well, guess who is the biggest purchaser of Taiji dolphins…China and Korea.  And when so many bottlenose dolphins (the favorite of places like Sea World) are taken from one pod, it makes me wonder just exactly who is buying them.  The Fisherman’s Union in Taiji is having a very good week financially, and the dolphin parks who are buying these dolphins are going to make A LOT of money over the next several years on these animals.  It’s all about money, with no regard for life.  

This week I have been overwhelmed with sadness.  I followed the daily events at the cove, as the number of dolphins sold continued to rise, and I woke up Friday to the non-stop news coverage of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  And I keep going back to my friend Bubba saying that humanity is just one big epic failed experiment.  In some moments, I agree - we hear about all of the tragic events on the news over and over because they’re trying to sell advertising time and that’s what people watch.  They get people to watch by selling fear.  And again, it’s all about money.  I’d love to see a news station who only reported when miracles happen, when people are kind to each other, when someone fights for something good that they believe in and actually wins.  

Today I’m choosing hope and holding my vision for the world that I truly do believe is possible.  My heart is with those sweet children and their teachers who lost their lives on Friday, and my thoughts are with their parents and families as they mourn and question and reel and face their futures without their cherished ones.  And my heart is with those 92 dolphins whose futures are now so bleak, and the remaining dolphins in the cove who will either be sold or slaughtered.  

I hope that anyone who reads this will join me in holding a loving and hopeful vision of humanity, difficult as it is, hopeless as we may feel, because I truly do believe that if we would all use the gifts and power we’ve been given as human beings to do GOOD in this world, whether it’s for children, the poor, animals, the environment, or even just our neighbor, then we could actually turn all of this around.  

*Photo credits unavailable - these are photos circulating Facebook from the current capture 

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